540 aircraft

Residents of Mtwara region now can easily flight to Dar es Salaam and elsewhere after air sector boosted by the increasing of number of plane landing in Mtwara airport daily

The beginning of new route has made possible for one living in Dar es Salaam working in Mtwara, since number of plane landing in Mtwara airport increased to two from one after 540 Air Company start its route recently.

The Precision Air plane is landing around 8 to 9 am daily while 540 plane is landing around 5 to 6 pm, thus enabling the arrive before working hours and departing after.

“Its huge boost to Mtwara region in which previously was counted as marginalized region with difficulty in reaching…its one way opening means of communication in southern regions” said Gilbert Mnanko the Mtwara 540 station manager.

Adding that “ We officially started our route on May 2011…we now sensitize local citizens to use flight travelling to Dar es Salaam and elsewhere, many do think flight is for business people, government workers, but we tell them they can use it regarding fast, friendly and affordable transport”

The manager issued the statements at different time last week during his campaign, on awareness creation held in Lindi Municipality, Masasi, Nanyumbu, Newala, Tandahimba and Mtwara rural districts to sensitize local citizen on the use of flight.

Residents of Lindi used the chance to request the government to reopen the forgotten regional airport to enable the landing of planes in their region.

“We are faced with difficult when we plan to flight, we suppose travelling to Mtwara airport which is disturbance to us…let our government maintain and reopen our airport” said Mr. Jamil Hassan resident of Lindi.

Lindi airport has been multifunction for more than five years thus enforcing its residents travelling to Mtwara for flight.